Enhanced Lifetime Mortgage Calculator

Calculate your maximum equity release lump sum with our unique Enhanced Lifetime Mortgage Calculator.
We can save you time and analyse the maximum equity release possible by analysing the current range of  impaired life equity release providers.
Please find below our useful maximum equity release calculator which will help provide guidance in conducting your home equity research.

Basis of the Enhanced Equity Release Calculation

In using the Free Enhanced Lifetime Mortgage Calculator you can ascertain the maximum lump sum available should you have any impaired health. Knowing the amount of equity that can be released is an important part of the equity release research process.

The maximum equity release possible is based on several factors as follows: –

  • The current valuation of your property
  • The age of the youngest homeowner
  • Qualification for enhanced equity lifetime terms

*However, always remember that if any mortgage or secured loan are current register against your deeds, then they must be repaid before any enhanced equity release can be taken. In practice any secured borrowings are usually repaid from any release of equity made against the property.

Enhanced Equity Release Calculator Advice

Results from equity release calculators should only be used as a guide. Although the maximum release calculation is shown it isn’t always advisable to take the full amount unless specifically required. It would therefore always be advisable to take independent equity release advice to ensure that best practice ensues.

For instance, taking an enhanced lifetime mortgage on a drawdown basis is now a possibility with More2life. Therefore, if enhanced terms are available & the maximum release of equity isn’t immediately required then a impaired drawdown facility could be advisable. Your adviser can then quote accordingly offering you best advice from the whole of the equity release market. For non-enhanced drawdown information click here.

Hopefully the results of the above enhanced equity release calculator will meet your requirements & we would therefore like to be able to put you in contact with a local equity release adviser.

However, where the maximum release figure falls short of your demands then please do not despond. We have alternative equity release solutions that could still meet your requirements & hopefully can find alternative arrangements.

Next steps…

Should you require further equity release advice following your enhanced calculation, please contact the Enhanced Lifetime Mortgage team on Freephone 0800 028 1933 where a qualified adviser can discuss your requirements.

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