Introducing the Partnership Enhanced Lifetime Mortgage

partnership logoThe Partnership Enhanced Lifetime Mortgage has a range of benefits attached to it. Partnership has a long history in the provision of health-impaired products and has now extended this experience to offer the Partnership Enhanced Lifetime Mortgage.

The Partnership Enhanced Lifetime Mortgage is based on your lifetime expectancy, the value of your home and any health conditions you are suffering from both current and historical. Assessment for eligibility is undertaken with a lifestyle questionnaire that asks about your lifestyle and health. Answering “yes” to any of the health questions increases the chances of borrowing more cash from Partnership and making the most of the value of your home to help with retirement.

Partnership also offers extra benefits with their enhanced lifetime mortgages. You can benefit from a no-valuation fee and no-application fee and could qualify for £500 cashback on completion of the loan. The rate of interest for the loan comes in at a very reasonable 7.54% and this is fixed until you die or move into long-term care.

The minimum age to qualify for the Partnership Enhanced Lifetime Mortgage plan is 60-years old and your property must have a current market value of £75,000 or more. The minimum equity release amount is £25,000. Partnership is a member of the Equity Release Council and this brings even further benefits for your protection. You could move to a smaller property and take advantage of the guaranteed no negative equity feature. Other benefits from the Partnership Enhanced Lifetime Mortgage include the Inheritance Protection feature which means you can still protect a percentage of your home for your loved ones when you die.

Partnership are offering an attractive package for those who qualify for their enhanced lifetime mortgage plan and by taking advantage of the features on offer, you could be well on your way to a peaceful and financially worry-free retirement.

By taking the time to answer a lifestyle questionnaire, you could be entitled to a tax free lump sum and an enhanced amount at that. You might not have realised that your health and the more conditions you have suffered could entitle you to more money from the value of your home.

No arrangement fee, no valuation fee and £500 cashback makes the Partnership Enhanced Lifetime Mortgage plan one of the most attractive enhanced lifetime mortgage products on the current market. This exclusive deal is available to any person who wants to take advantage of the value of their home and have health-related problems.

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